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About Us

Old Sport Cigars opened August 1, 2013 in the historic and beautiful town of Harbor Springs, MI on the shores of Lake Michigan . Through the years we have undergone several transformations, but what has remained the same is our fine cigars. 
Here you will find the best cigars the world has to offer. Our goal is to bring our customers the finest products with the tradition of quality service, selection, and value.

Fine cigars are to be savored and enjoyed. Nothing provides relaxation like a good cigar. Old Sport Cigars offers the world's best cigars maintained in perfect conditions. Our humidor guarantees peak smoking condition on all of our cigars. The size of our humidor affords a wide variety in our selection. Of course all this is accompanied by our friendly service.

We have built lasting relationships with the world’s best cigar makers and strive to build a lasting relationship with all who enjoy a good cigar. Come see us and discover what we hope will make us your cigar merchant.

Please Stop By And See Us

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